NFT projects emerge like bamboo shoots in the Metaverse in recent months thanks to the growth and strength of crypto ecosystem and community. Celebrities and crypto industry leaders are swarming into this field, bringing their wonderful ideas into reality.

How to stand out from other competitors? How to provide better solutions and create new values for the sellers and buyers? There are so many questions before a NFT project becomes a popular one. 

On 31tst May, PANews invited Nick Rose Ntertsa, the co-founder and CEO of Ethernity Chain to introduce his NFT platform and discuss about ‘How to lead the cross-border trend of NFT?’

Below are the details of the conversation.

PANews: Could you please introduce yourself and Ethernity Chain? What is the vision and mission of Ethernity Chain?

Nick Rose Nterstas : Hi I am Nick Rose Nterstas, Co-Founder and CEO of Ethernity Chain. Greek investor and entrepreneur, Nick Rose is a self confessed environmentalist. Before founding Ethernity Chain, Nick, rose to prominence as the creator of the #PrayforAmazonia hashtag, which raised awareness for the 2019 Amazon rainforest wildfires. He is also an early stage investor in the smart-scooter company Bolt and Ntertsas moved to the US in his early twenties and became an early investor in bitcoin and blockchain technology. He also worked as a consultant for Ron Burkle and The Yucaipa Companies. 

Ethernity’s mission is to merge the physical world with the digital. We are aiming to create the biggest authenticated NFT library in the Metaverse alongside our DEFI applications for our community. Our goal is to acquire the biggest IP/Licenses in the world and after our frist drops we are right on track, as you know we already have sold with success ,Muhammed Ali’s official coolectibles alongside Pele’s , Tony Hawk’s and more! We are preparing for a hot June, with Shaquille O’Neil, Marilyn Monroe, Luis Suarez and so many others! June 4th we are launching our stone supply event ,where users can redeem their “ethernity stones” to actual nft collectibles that can after sell on the secondary market ! :)

PANews: Could you share the backstory of the establishment of Ethernity Chain with us?

Nick Rose Nterstas : Ethernity Chain was formulated and founded by Nick Rose Ntersas and team as an idea originally in 2019/2020. We wanted to bring the community real, authenticated licensed NFTs verified by the artists and celebrities that create and endorse them. Since then we have been building the product, platform and connections within the industry to bring an incredible experience to our users and bridging the gaps between crypto, entertainment, art, culture, charity and the world.

PANews: PANews noticed that Ethernity Chain has released a series of NFTs, including Brazilian Soccer player Pelé, Padres star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., and NFT artist Bosslogic. Why can Ethernity accumulate such high-quality resources? How are these NFTs selling?

Nick Rose Nterstas : We have connections to many major licensing companies, artists, crypto industry leaders and talent. Dimitri Vegas - Like Mike, Baseball sensation Fernando Tatis, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, Pelé are just some of the examples of what we just released. We have a lot more in the pipeline, but we do not to reveal partnerships before the right time comes

PANews: At present, there are more and more NFT market platforms, how could Ethernity Chain attract celebrities to join?

Nick Rose Nterstas : We bring a verified custodial process to all the NFTs we create. We value scarcity and are focused on bringing value to our community through drops we believe will have long term value in the future. Ethernity Chain is going to be part of the much larger world of NFTs, crypto and Philanthropy. There are many NFT projects in the eco-system and we see ourselves fitting a very specific function to NFT enthusiasts who are looking for a philanthropic lens to their projects and their community.

PANews: As a charitable project, is the donation ratio of Ethernity Chain determined by Ethernity or the artist?

Nick Rose Nterstas : Yes the donations are usually decided by the team, artists and creators of the NFTs themselves. For example, drops like Pele and the Winklevoss Twins give almost all of the profits to charity. We are here to help people and bring real difference in the world. It is important to us to translate as much of the digital world into real world change and help as part of the Ethernity Chain mission.

PANews: What products are you building to ensure Ethernity Chain remains a key player in the NFT space? How will this be different to existing competitors such as OpenSea, Rarible and more?

Nick Rose Nterstas : Unlike OpenSea and Rarible, we only release specially curated Drops that feature real, licensed authenticated figures, musicians. OpenSea and Rarible are more of a market place for NFTs, we are focused on bringing users aNFTs, also known as “authenticated” NFTs. We are the only organization that does this. Within that eco-system we are working hard on creating value from that vantage point. We are confident in the brand and the experience we are bringing to users and know that as we scale, the entire Ethernity Chain eco-system will continue to grow.

PANews: Ethereum congestion and high Gas fees are restricting the further development of NFT. What is the solutions of Ethernity? Have you considered Layer2 or other public Chains such as BSC, Polkadot?

Nick Rose Nterstas : We take Layer 2 expansion serious and already currently over Matic Network access through QuickSwap. We are currently working on integrating other L2 protocols onto our platform. We are working to integrate Layer 2’s across the platform to increase accessibility and reduce transaction fees for our users. We understand how those gas fees are a deterrent from people wanting to use the site and buy NFTs and we are working and exploring everyday to increase our product offerings to Ethernity Chain users and Holders.

PANews: What is the function of ERN tokens? What is the role of ERN in Ethernity Chain Eco?

Nick Rose Nterstas : The ERN token (“ERN”) is an ERC-20 token and the platform token for Ethernity Chain. ERN holders will be incentivized to provide liquidity through DeFi protocols to gain access to exclusive NFTs and community drops. 

The ERN token allows holders to Vote on Proposals to govern the Ethernity Chain ecosystem by taking part in the proposals through voting with ERN. 

Use ERN to farm Stones for Ethernity Chain aNFTs: The community can provide liquidity in ERN pools, to farm unique aNFT editions which can otherwise only be brought in the public market.

Stake and Earn: Users can Stake their ERN tokens to earn interest, and the more they hold the more they E(a)RN. 

Charity Initiative: Ethernity Chain donates a percentage of every sale to one of your favorite charities

PANews: Can you tell us how Ethernity Chain combines NFT and DeFi?

Nick Rose Nterstas : Ethernity Chain is currently leverage the technology of DeFi and merge it with NFTs to create an exclusive pipeline to rare and collectable content from prominent figures and well-established digital artists. Users can LP stake ERN and  receive ERN in return. We are about to launch our Stones Supply, where ERN holders who have been farming stones can go to redeem their stones for aNFTs and real world experiences. While we do not want to give away what is coming down the road, we want to let everyone know we are incredibly excited about the coming rounds of aNFTs we have planned going into Q3 and Q4 of 2021.