At the beginning of 2021, people started to discuss the future of metaverse, what the metaverse is, and how to participate in the metaverse. Now at the end of 2021, people come to the end of the first year of the metaverse, and it’s time to share the initial results from creators and pioneers, and explore the future development directions.

Industrial innovation is a process of shifting from one S-shaped curve to another S-shaped curve. Web 2.0 represented by the mobile internet is entering the era of stock gaming, now it is time for the paradigm to shift to the next curve. Metaverse is not a utopia, but the next-generation Internet that enhances the real society and empowers the real economy. In 2021, the golden 10 years of Web 3.0 has officially started.

Metaverse helps creators achieve their dreams. In sandbox games, creators break the constraints of physical space and create buildings that are impossible in the physical world. Based on their own ideas, they create their own dream world with a high degree of freedom and completely own the autonomy in the digital world. Metaverse is not only a digital world, but a strong interaction and deep integration between the real world and the physical world. Be it virtual or real, the core is to enhance the user experience.

In the metaverse era, the collaboration across the entire society is expected to undergo fundamental changes, the breadth and depth of global collaboration will be rapidly expanded. Furthermore, a global collaboration system based on DAO will be established and release tremendous value.

The great geographical discovery 500 years ago gave birth to new organizational and financial mechanism such as the company system and bank system. Today, people carry out determined exploration of the metaverse, and such actions greatly promote the organizational and financial methods of DAO and encrypted assets to further evolve and develop. People are about to enter the era of metaverse creation, and the underlying technology and upper-level contents are in urgent demands to be activated, leading mankind to a higher level of digital civilization.

Jointly sponsored by y2z Ventures, CryptoC, GameCreator,Mono,SeeDAO, PANews, Mask Network, Flow, and WhiteMatrix, the 2021 Metaverse Creators Carnival will be open from December 20th to 21st. Through this two-day online event, a panorama of metaverse and Web 3.0 will be showcased.

Navigating through year one of the metaverse era, 2021 Metaverse Creators Carnival is here!

Tony Tao, founder of Metaverse Capital, will delve into the economic model of Metaverse based on sandbox games; Wu Xiankun, president of rctAI, will take everyone to experience native blockchain games; Travis Wu, founder and CEO of Highstreet, will talk about the number one buidl player from the perspectives of technology, content and culture; Partners from leading venture capital institutions such as Sky9 Capital will discuss the DAO's transformation effects on investment...

What kind of infrastructure does Metaverse need? What will happen to GameFi in 2022? What are the challenges for data and privacy in Web 3.0? How will Flow build the infrastructure of the metaverse? Such topics will be discussed in this Carnival. More than 40 pioneers of the metaverse will share their practical experience.

Eight organizations including MatrixWorld, DoraFactory, Current.VC and Orange Book will launch eight open discussions on Twitter Space on different topics in two evenings. Experts from both China and abroad will discuss topics such as creator economy, DAO, and GameFi, and discuss how to interact with users in an innovative manner.

You are welcome to log on to the official website Metaspace Paradise to explore. You can not only claim POAPNFT, but also exchange it for medals and NFTs in the SeeDAO community. You can also share in the feast of this new era of science and technology with the creators, and experience the coming future that is taking over the world.

Here’s the carnival agenda:

Time: December 20 to 21

Format: live streaming online + Twitter space interaction

Venue: Live on Twitch

Live link:

Official website (live link + agenda information):

8 interactive sharing sessions on Twitter Space

Online LIVE Streaming

12/20 14:00-17:00 Gamefi

14:00-14:10 Intro

Han Tang, Initiator of SeeDAO,Founder of CryptoC

14:10-14:25 From Sandbox games to Metaverse economic model

Tony Tao, Founder of y2z Ventures

14:25-14:40 GameFi in Metaverse

Wei Cai, Assistant Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

14:40-14:55 The future and opportunities of three kinds of Gamefi

K Erica,RhizomeDAO & Guild W

14:55-15:10 Crypto-native Game Experience

Xiankun Wu, President of rct AI

15:10-15:50 The new business of metaverse

Mandy, Founder of Odaliy

Nova, President of Ponlaii

Jun Nie, Founder of Gamker

Azai, Head of Laplap Asia Pacific

15:50-16:05 DAO, The key to the GameFi situation in 2022

Scott Chueng, Karmaverse COO

16:05-16:20 How to actually buidl Ready Player One, the Tech, the Content, and the Culture

Travis Wu, Founder & CEO of Highstreet

16:20-17:00 Do investment institutions need a new 'posture' in Metaverse and Dao Ventures?

Tongtong Bi, Co-founder of PANews

Vincent, Partner of Sky9 Capital

Tony Tao, Founder of y2z Ventures

Kenneth, Investment Director of Mirana Ventures

12/21 9:30-12:00 Web3.0 Infrastructure

9:30-9:50 What kind of infrastructure metaverse needs

Mary Ma,Co-founder of Rangers Protocol

9:50-10:10 Web 3.0, the Way to the Decentralized New Internet

Suji Yan, Mask Network CEO

10:10-10:30 Bandwidth marketplace in the future


10:30-10:50 Information distribution in the age of Web3

Joshua, Founder of RSS3

10:50-11:10 Web3.0 and Blockchain Driven Metaverse

Xiao Wu, ChainIDE CEO

11:10-11:30 intro to Creaverse

Julien, Oversea Manager of GameCreator

11:30 - 12:00 The challenges of data sovereignty and privacy protection in Web 3.0

Yisi Liu, Mask Network CTO

Harry Halpin, Nym CEO

Makoto, Core Developers at ENS

12/21 14:00-16:40 Flowverse

14:00 - 14:20 Flow, the opening of Metaverse

Amber, Chief Executive Manager of Dapper Labs China District.

14:20 - 14:40 Unleash the Beasts into the Flowverse

BZ Creator of Basic Beasts

14:40 - 15:20 The Key to Metaverse

Yvonne Founder & CEO of NFTChina

Char Zhang ATTA COO

William Pucs Founder of THiNG.FUND

Jack Head of Mynft Eco

Yalu Lin Co-founder of Melos

15:20 -15:40 Utility Wearables For Premium Brands

Florent Sroka, Co-founder of Inrift

15:40-16:00 Matrix World - A Programmable 3D Multichain Metaverse

Alvin Sun Co-Founder & CSO of Matrix Labs Inc.

16:00-16:40 Infrastructure of Metaverse

Severus, Dapper Labs China Eco-Partnership Lead

Zhixian Founder of UniPass

Hao Fu Founder of Outblock

Caos Core developer of Flowns, Flow Chinese technical ambassador

Song Zhou, Crust Dev Community Lead(Singapore)

Twitter Space Forum

12/20 20:00-22:00 DAO

20:00 Metaverse 2022


Tony Tao, Founder of y2z Ventures

Alen, Partner of y2z Ventures

AIKO, Web3 Gaming Analyst

20:30 where we are for DAO Infrastructure


Steve Ngok, Oracle, Dora Factory; Partner, DoraHacks

Wendi Ding, Founder of DAOrayaki

Potter, Co-Founder, ETHSign

21:00 Popular DAO Exploration and Practice


Mel Ma, Director of marketing at Mask Network

3.G,Mask Network Community Builder

Holder, Mask Network Community Builder

Emma, Core Member at HashTag

21:30 DAO: A new paradigm of Creator Economy


Baiyu, Initiator of SeeDAO

Yuwei, co-founder of Unknown DAO

Wangchao, Dao Researcher

Wangkun, Founder of Bewater

Chang Liu, Initiator of MetaLandscape

12/21 20:00-23:00 The Future of Metaverse

20:00 Metaverse Art and Philosophy


Yuanyuan, Independent documentary filmmaker, contemporary art critic

Jiarong Zhang, PhD of Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University, Developer of Hong Kong Humanities Media ChannelExcogitare,Principal of Pathmark

21:00 Prophecy about the next four years


Yang Li, founder of Orangefans

Han Tang, Founder of SeeDAO & CryptoC

Xiang Yao,Founder of Primitives Lane

21:30 Business model innovation and user engagement on metaverse


Eileen,CSO of PANONY

Winston Robson, CEO of WeMeta

Ali Vira, COO of WeMeta

Benji, Co-founder of CyBall

Tin, Co-founder of CyBall

Brendan Wong, CEO of Avocado Guild

Sunny Huang, Head of Community, Avocado Guild

22:30 Journey to Metaverse


Xiao Wu, CEO of ChainIDE

Alvin Sun, Director of Matrix Labs

Wei Cai, Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of HongKong, Shenzhen