A week-long event, set for March 7-10, 2022, will cover how paradigm-shifting technologies

revolutionize and scale in industries like finance, art, cybersecurity, media and investment.

Organized by NexChange Group, MetaWeek will run from 7th to 10th of March, 2022. The

week’s central event, MetaWeek Summit, is scheduled March 8th and 9th and will take place at

the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre. Over the course of two days, the

conference will cover the most discussed digital topics of the year: Metaverse prospects, NFTs

creation and marketing, blockchain applications and development, DeFi market nuances,

investment strategies, security challenges, and many more.

Juwan Lee, Founder and Chairman of NexChange Group: “Metaverse trend is currently

associated with high interest from investors, corporates and artists all over the world. Along with

gaming NFTs are to remain the biggest metaverse trends in 2022. We’re excited about

MetaWeek bringing all these trends together and creating so many opportunities to bridge the

real world with the digital world for our partners, speakers, and attendees.”

Speakers featured on the conference agenda include Nick Spanos, Bitcoin pioneer and co

founder of Zap, Bernd Breiter, co-founder of BigCityBeats, Vassal Benford, Chairman at The

Benford Group and Animal Head Entertainment, as well as prominent digital artists Amrita Sethi

and Vesa Kivinen.

The first day of the MetaWeek Summit is set for March 8th – a special date when the world

celebrates International Women’s Day. On this day, the organizers, along with partners of

MetaWeek and the local community, will honor women's achievements across industries like

blockchain, business, finance, and art, raising awareness against bias and inequality and

inspiring female empowerment. A special Women-led Curated Digital Art Collection will be on

display at MetaWeek site, featuring female artists from around the world.

The new Metaverse song from a top independent artist Paris will be premiered during

MetaWeek. Previously, Paris’ video “Together” hit over 22 million views on Youtube.

“New technologies are changing borders geographically and mentally. The artists can now

create their concerts in two worlds: the real and in the Metaverse,” says Metawoman Paris.

“The digital space provides equal opportunities for both an aspiring artist and a superstar.

Metaverse gives a chance to create a better vision of yourself.”MetaWeek’s activities include:

NFT Artists and Music performances

NFT Art Exhibitions & Showcases

Sessions focused on Women in the Metaverse and Blockchain

Side events happening throughout the week

Investors meetings

Check https://www.themetaweek.com for special women-led sessions held at MetaWeek

exhibition area, and on stage.

All MetaWeek attendees will also get a unique NFT art gift created by Chiko.Roko — every

ticket holder will receive the first NFT art toy after purchasing a conference ticket, and will be

able to retrieve a special collection of up to 5 exclusive 3D gifts for real world and metaverses.

From eCommerce to art, from gaming to fashion, NFTs represent true decentralized digital

ownership for creators, gamers, and collectors. DAOs disrupt the decision making processes

and communities across multiple sectors and services. Metaverse has become a trend for

enterprises, tech giants and professional associations on country levels. While the growing

market retains myriads of possibilities, trends occur faster than ever before. In the booming

environment of emerging technology applications and global digital transformation it is important

to keep up with top industry experts and their views. MetaWeek will combine a Metaverse track,

featuring opinion leaders from finance, tech, media and investment fields, and a more traditional

blockchain track covering issues such as scalability, market integrity, digital asset and

decentralized finance management, etc.

NexChange Group is a venture builder and media platform specializing in Blockchain, FinTech,

HealthTech, AI, and Smart Cities.

For more information on the registration, speakers, agenda and partnerships, please visit

https://www.themetaweek.com or contact: info@nexchange.com