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Be quiet, everyone, let's start today's activity

1、Could you please introduce yourself and Nitro League ?

你能介绍一下你自己和 Nitro League 吗?

I'm Glen Bullen, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Nitro League.

我是 Glen Bullen Nitro League (COO) 的首席运营官

I have worked with successful startups for over 20 years, and bring significant expertise into Nitro across all facets of the global Gaming and Digital Asset sectors. 

Nitro League is a fantastic car racing play-to-earn game, with an NFT marketplace powered by our partner Terra Virtua, and with game mechanics, graphic art and tokenomics developed by the best in the business.

我和初创公司合作 20 多年,并将重要的专业知识带入 Nitro,涵盖全球游戏和数字资产领域的各个方面。

Nitro League 是一款出色的赛车赚钱游戏,其 NFT 市场由我们的合作伙伴 Terra Virtua 提供支持,游戏机制、图形艺术和代币经济学由业内最优秀的人开发。

2、What difficulties have been encountered during the development of Nitro League ?

Nitro League的发展过程中遇到了哪些困难?

In all honesty, we've been working through everything really well. We have a very experienced leadership team in place; as well as fantastic advisors and investors supporting us.

老实说,我们一直在很好地解决所有问题。 我们拥有一支经验丰富的领导团队; 还有支持我们的顾问和投资者。

And we've all seen the pitfalls previously so know what to look out for.


Sometimes a company is light on game development buy heavy on the blockchain side - so it's technically good, but the game not so much.

有时,一家公司在游戏开发方面不太重视,而在区块链方面却大量购买 - 所以它在技术上是好的,但游戏并没有那么好

This can be flipped the other way, where it is a great game, but doesn’t have any decent crypto economy or utility - and you will see a load of them next year…


That’s why we have brought in a AAA games studio, and with David (our Chief Strategy Officer) and the Holochain team we have GREAT blockchain developers and GREAT gaming.

这就是为什么我们引入了一家 AAA 游戏工作室,并与 David(我们的首席战略官)和 Holochain 团队一起拥有出色的区块链开发人员和出色的游戏。

We also benefit from having people from the likes of YGG and Delphi advising us on Guilds and mechanics.

我们还受益于来自 YGG 和 Delphi 之类的人员为我们提供公会和机制方面的建议。

So, we are confident we have our risk areas covered.


It's not always been smooth sailing, but really we've not encountered any major difficulties.


3、How will Nitro League differentiate itself when there are so many P2E game projects available ? What are your main features that make you different from other competitors and what competitive advantages do you have?

当有这么多的 P2E 游戏项目可用时,Nitro League 将如何区分自己? 您的主要特点是什么,使您与其他竞争对手不同,您有哪些竞争优势?

It's really about ensuring we are delivering a better product and player experience than any of the others in the play-to-earn space.


As mentioned above we have seen a lot of pitfalls that others have already experienced and we're ensuring we avoid repeating their missteps. We've seen that many companies are are just too light on games development while being too  heavy on the blockchain side so while they can be pleased with it being technically good, for the player - the most important aspect of the whole enterprise -  the game does not deliver a good experience.

如上所述,我们已经看到了很多其他人已经经历过的陷阱,我们正在确保避免重蹈他们的覆辙。 我们已经看到,许多公司对游戏开发过于重视,而在区块链方面过于重视,因此虽然他们对技术上的好感到满意,但对于玩家 - 整个企业最重要的方面 - 游戏 不能提供良好的体验。

On the other hand, there are those with great game design - but poor blockchain technology.  So a great game,but no decent crypto economy or utility - and you are likely see a lot of this in the coming year.

另一方面,有些游戏设计很棒,但区块链技术很差。 所以一款很棒的游戏,但没有像样的加密经济或实用程序——你可能会在来年看到很多这样的游戏。

But for us, we have put together what we are confident is the winning formula: a AAA games studio + David A, the co-founder of Holochain and his team for the blockchain technology + a great gaming concept and design = WIN WIN WIN!

但对我们来说,我们已经总结出了我们有信心的获胜公式:AAA游戏工作室+Holochain联合创始人David A及其区块链技术团队+出色的游戏理念和设计=WIN WIN WIN!

4、Security is the most important thing to consider when starting up a project, how secure is this project for users and investors?


Absolutely, you're right, security is critical.


That's why we are working with leading blockchain and security experts, such as the team from Holochain, to ensure everything is fully secure - yet still finding the right balance with the usability. and the smart contracts are being audited as well of course. So we are confident we have security concerns and requirements very well covered.

5、Can you talk about tokens ? What are the usage areas  ? And is there information about the token launch?

你能谈谈代币吗? 有哪些使用领域? 是否有关于代币发布的信息?这就是我们与领先的区块链和安全专家(例如 Holochain 的团队)合作的原因,以确保一切都完全安全——但仍然在可用性之间找到适当的平衡。 当然,智能合约也正在接受审计。 因此,我们相信我们已经很好地涵盖了安全问题和要求。

The token launch has been going through this week, via Polkastarter, Polygen and Copper (which closes today at 1400 UTC).

本周通过 Polkastarter、Polygen 和 Copper(今天在 1400 UTC 收盘)进行了代币发布。

The response has been overwhelming, smashing targets on the first two platforms and well on target to do so as wlel on the third.


The token utility is $NITRO

They are ERC20, and for the gaming expereince all the cars are NFTs.

The parts and upgrades are also NFTs - skins, spoilers, rims, steering wheel etc. All of these are available to make up our personalized car.

代币实用程序是 $NITRO

它们是 ERC20,对于游戏体验而言,所有汽车都是 NFT。

零件和升级也是 NFT - 皮肤、扰流板、轮辋、方向盘等。所有这些都可以用来组成我们的个性化汽车。

What that also means is if you race someone else on the track for their ca and win, you can break it apart and sell the parts in the market.


(which certainly inspires the competitive spirit!)


Tickets are also purchased with Nitro to enter the races, Tickets can also be rewarded

Your garage (your gallery) is where your car, artwork and robot are stored

your robot (think of Jarvis in Ironman) will let you know what parts need replacing, if your cars require FUEL and repairs and refuels them for you.

Your garage is where you can live stream, where you can invite your friends before tournaments and participate in missions. your garage can be redesigned to your style, NFTs again purchased with your NITRO



如果您的汽车需要 FUEL 和维修并为您加油,您的机器人(想想 Ironman 中的 Jarvis)会告诉您哪些零件需要更换。

你的车库是你可以直播的地方,你可以在比赛前邀请你的朋友并参与任务。 您的车库可以根据您的风格重新设计,NFT 再次与您的 NITRO 一起购买

Finally, staking your $NITRO tokens unlocks reward multipliers, giving you access to exclusive events. 

But the coolest bit for me in staking your tokens is that if you have earned your REP and XP and staked enough tokens, you get to start your own CLAN! So can design your own banner, invite your friends to race with you in your clan and design your own tracks to race on.

最后,抵押您的 $NITRO 代币可以解锁奖励倍增器,让您可以参加独家活动。

但对我来说,抵押代币最酷的一点是,如果您获得了 REP 和 XP 并抵押了足够多的代币,您就可以开始自己的 CLAN! 因此可以设计您自己的横幅,邀请您的朋友在您的氏族中与您一起比赛,并设计您自己的赛道以进行比赛。

6、Can you provide information on how users can join the game ? How to earn money from Nitro League games?

您能否提供有关用户如何加入游戏的信息? 如何从 Nitro League 游戏中赚钱?

There will be a free-to-earn component ; and as well our $NITRO token will be on DEX then a CEX. We'll start off with UniSwap and Quickswap.

将有一个免费赚取的组件; 同样,我们的 $NITRO 代币将在 DEX 上,然后在 CEX 上。 我们将从 UniSwap 和 Quickswap 开始。

What’s important is anyone will be able to play the games, there is no KYC requirement just to play as you can play without a token.

There are plenty of different ways to earn. Winning a match brings reputation points, scales up the XP and unlocks blueprints (our breeding mechanism) to build better cars. Rewards are gained in all game modes that Nitro League will offer.

All rewards are ERC20 variable supply tokens. Participate in different events and then trade or sell your items.

重要的是任何人都可以玩游戏,没有 KYC 要求只是玩游戏,因为您可以在没有令牌的情况下玩游戏。

有很多不同的赚钱方式。 赢得一场比赛会带来声望点数、经验值和解锁蓝图(我们的育种机制)以制造更好的汽车。 在 Nitro League 提供的所有游戏模式中都会获得奖励。

所有奖励都是 ERC20 可变供应代币。 参加不同的活动,然后交易或出售您的物品。

7、What is the action plan to attract users to the game ?  Can you briefly talk about the in-game features ?

吸引用户加入游戏的行动计划是什么? 你能简单谈谈游戏中的功能吗?

We want everyone to get playing the game!


So one of the key features is that you will be able to start playing without any investment or cost, so it will grow organically which will attract a lot of experienced gamers, which makes attracting and educatating newcomers  that much easier.


8、The community of gamers is really big. What is the strategies will nitroleaguegame execute to bring non-crypto gamers to your platform? How will you achieve that mass adoption everyone wants? Do you have any rewards or incentives for every new player in a nitro league game?

游戏玩家社区真的很大。 nitroleaguegame 将执行哪些策略来将非加密游戏玩家带到您的平台?你将如何实现每个人都想要的大规模采用?对于硝基联赛中的每位新玩家,您是否有任何奖励或激励措施?

The Nitro League team is very expereinced in the art and skill of acquiring new users, and we understanbd the costs associated with being involved in the mass market. So we have allocated a substantial marketing budget in support of these critical activities.

Nitro League 团队在获取新用户的艺术和技巧方面非常有经验,我们理解与参与大众市场相关的成本。 因此,我们分配了大量营销预算来支持这些关键活动。

People are used to apps, coins, and mechanics similar to blockchain games - but blockchain economies have more layers as well as guild mechanics we need to cover.


9、What are your significant achievements till now and what are your other plans for this year?


We have achieved so much in such an extraordinary short period of time! But working 18 hours days 7 days a week will do that! 🙂

我们在如此短的时间内取得了如此多的成就! 但是每周 7 天每天工作 18 小时就可以做到这一点! 🙂

The most significant milestone are sure if the token launch this week, that's been amazing.


Going forward we are really excited for you to be able to buy your NFTs and upgrades so you can all start "souping" up your car and show them off as soon as your tracks are ready - that's our fantastic partner Terra Virtua's part.

展望未来,我们真的很高兴您能够购买 NFT 和升级,这样您就可以开始“升级”您的汽车并在您的赛道准备好后立即展示它们 - 这是我们出色的合作伙伴 Terra Virtua 的一部分。

Over the next 6 months after the IDO launch, we have scheduled releases allowing you to engage in new parts of the game, so we are building it with you.

在 IDO 发布后的接下来的 6 个月内,我们已安排发布允许您参与游戏的新部分,因此我们正在与您一起构建它。

First to come is the garage where your cars are stored, you can hang out there, watch races live stream on twitch (all features phased in as well), hang up your NFTs as wall art, it's one of my favourite features in the game. and imagine having oculus and just sitting in garage drinking beer next to you supercars and F1 calendar of course!

首先是你的汽车存放的车库,你可以在那里闲逛,在 Twitch 上观看比赛直播(所有功能也分阶段加入),将你的 NFT 挂起来作为艺术墙,这是我在游戏中最喜欢的功能之一 . 想象一下,你坐在车库里喝啤酒,当然是超级跑车和 F1 日历!

We also have SOLO Missions, new race tracks and races, there will be multi-player races, CLAN races, man it's going to be non-stop revealing more and more to our players and let me share the road map with you


But the really great thing is that tons of it is already developed, so we are not doing it from scratch. Full steam ahead!

但真正伟大的事情是已经开发了很多,所以我们不是从头开始做的。 全力以赴!

10、Lastly, how is Nitro League development going ? Can you describe current development status, market expansion plans, expected applications ? What awaits us in the future?

最后,Nitro League 的开发进展如何? 您能描述一下目前的发展状况、市场扩张计划、预期应用吗? 未来等待我们的是什么?

Well, there is a lot going on! We’ve received our private investment ($5M), whuich was amazing and such a vote of confidence for us by the investors. We announced our IDO at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last week whicxh was such an amzing venue / event to do so at and was so enthusiastically received by the attendees, who were all digital entrepreneurs and invetors and those committed to the digital space.

嗯,有很多事情要发生! 我们收到了我们的私人投资(500 万美元),这真是太棒了,投资者对我们投下了如此信任的一票。 我们上周在AbuDhabi大奖赛上宣布了我们的 IDO,这是一个如此令人惊叹的场地/活动,并且受到了与会者的热烈欢迎,他们都是数字企业家和投资者以及致力于数字空间的人。

And we have our white label NFT marketplace provided by our partner Terra Virtua, who are really one of the best out there. So, in just a few days we will launch our original series of NFT 3D Cars on Terra Virtua (which look amazing….).

我们有我们的合作伙伴 Terra Virtua 提供的白标 NFT 市场,他们确实是最好的市场之一。 因此,在短短几天内,我们将在 Terra Virtua 上推出我们原创的 NFT 3D 汽车系列(看起来很棒......)。

We're working as hard and as fast as we can and can't wait to have you all join in the experience with us!


大家对 Nitro League  还有什么疑问呢?

Do you have any questions about the Nitro League?

1、Question:At present, the market trend is not very good. There may be a bear market in the future. During the bear market, there will be few users and funds. Did the project team take corresponding measures for the bear market?

That's an important question. We are very well-funded and are allocating resources acccordingly - we utilise where needed now and bank for further requirements down the line. We are not reliant on a massive launch and unhindered growth from day one, we are very well supported for the long run.

2、Question:Nitro League will not launch any products worthy of our expectation in the future?

There are many more cars, featuresm]

and exciting new developments to come

we have only just begun!

3、Question:Too many projects boast how good their projects are, but they haven't released any work products or actions for a long time after ama. Is this the same for your project? If not, can you tell us what you will do later, and what makes your project different from other projects?

Well, it's 16 Dec and we launch 18 Dec so I'd say there's no risk in their being any great delay after this AMA! 🙂

Well, thanks very much everybody - and I look forward to seeing you all on the Nitro League track very soon!!

4、Question:Will there be a new strategic plan next?

We will always be responsive to both market and player requirements, we are definitely not 'set in stone' with our strategic planning and rollout. Very much a continuous and responsive, well-considered process.

Because of time, today's ama is over


Thank you Glen Bullen for coming to the Sanyuan community, and hope that the future Nitro League will be stronger!

感谢Glen Bullen 来到三元社区,希望 Nitro League未来越来越强大!