One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God projectBlade of God X (BOG X) is a cutting-edge 3A-level ARPG game developed by Pangu Games Digital. It integrates advanced AI reinforcement learning and AI agents technology, offering players unique fighting styles and digital twin AI experiences. The game has gained significant recognition, winning awards like the 2023 Huawei AI Cloud Game Changer Awards and the Huawei HDC.Together 2023 Innovation Breakthrough Award.

BOG X stands out with its 3D space gameplay and NFT integration, allowing different rarities and attributes to give NFTs higher value in-game. It merges traditional gaming elements with innovative Web3 components, creating a full Web2 free-to-play experience along with a Web3 layer of digital ownership and governance.

Market Heat 

The "Blade of God" series commands a distinguished status within the gaming community, boasting a legacy of widespread acclaim and a dedicated player base that surpasses 3 million across PC and mobile platforms. Forecasts for downloads and strategic deployment outline a multi-platform release encompassing iOS, Android, and PC. While the project has yet to initiate its Web3 campaign, its community remains actively involved through conventional Web2 gaming media platforms, including TapTap, ensuring sustained engagement and visibility. 

One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project


One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project
One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project

Industry Sector Analysis 

• Global Gaming Market

PC and console gaming is booming once again after a more corrective 2022, and we can say with more confidence than ever that gaming is at the heart of media and entertainment. The industry’s impact ripples far beyond the 3.4 billion players it will reach and the $187.7 billion in revenue it will generate in 2023.

The worldwide gaming population is projected to reach 3.38 billion, with growth predominantly driven by emerging regions. The global gaming market is anticipated to generate an impressive revenue of $187.7 billion, which merits repeated emphasis due to its significance.

By 2026, annual revenues from the global gaming market are expected to soar to $212.4 billion.

While cloud gaming and virtual reality are expanding,they currently represent specialized market segments.

The console and PC gaming industry developers are increasingly concentrating on live-service games.However, the constant flow of new content, coupled with a limited player base, raises concerns about the long-term viability of live services.

Generative AI is gradually integrating into game development, though its adoption has met with resistance from some gaming communities.

Adventure games are leading the genre in the console sector, projected to contribute 17.1% to console revenues in 2023.

One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project

•  Global Mobile Gaming Market 

Despite facing challenges, the mobile gaming industry is poised for growth in 2023, with an expected increase of 0.8%,culminating in revenues of $92.6 billion. This growth, while positive, is modest compared to the explosive expansion witnessed in previous years. The growth trajectory for the mobile segment in the current year will be predominantly fueled by emerging markets and well-established mobile titles. In terms of sheer volume, mobile gaming will maintain its dominance within the gaming landscape. It is anticipated to continue representing the largest share of both consumer engagement and expenditure, accounting for nearly half of the global gaming market.

Regarding financial performance, the global mobile gaming market was valued at approximately USD 92.6 billion in 2023. It is forecasted to expand to USD 339.45 billion by 2030.

This market is expected to experience substantial growth, primarily driven by the widespread adoption of smartphones. In the platform segmentation of the market, Android was forecasted to hold the largest market share.Regarding device segmentation, smartphones emerged as the dominant segment. Geographically, North America led in revenue generation within the mobile gaming sector.

One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project

•  Web3 GameFi Market 

Web3 remains a considerably smaller market size, projected to be worth US$ 23,926.0 Million in 2023. The market is likely to surpass US$ 133,228.2 Million by 2033 at a CAGR of 18.7% during the forecast period. The demand for Web 3 gaming is driven by several factors, such as decentralization and ownership, play-to-earn economy, interoperability and cross-platform support, community-driven development, and enhanced security and transparency.

Factors Contributing to the Rising Demand for Web3 Gaming: The growing interest in decentralized technologies is evident as individuals increasingly desire greater autonomy and ownership of their digital assets.The prospect of earning tangible rewards through gaming is a significant draw for players in Web3 gaming, thus stimulating demand. The ability for players to utilize in-game assets across various games and platforms offers both flexibility and a cohesive gaming experience. Inviting players to partake in the game development process cultivates a sense of ownership, loyalty, and engagement within the gaming community.

One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project

Comparable Project Comparison

The Web3 gaming market has yet to encounter a game like BOG X; the distinctive "Dark Soul" action genre remains unexplored. The leading projects Within the GameFi sphere are Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland. Only Axie Infinity offers cross-platform support for both PC and mobile users.

One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project
*Data Source: 

Drawing from DappRadar's unique active wallet data on Nov 28th, 2023, over the past 30 days, Axie Infinity leads with 76.93k users, followed by The Sandbox at 7.31k and Decentraland at 1.63k. Axie Infinity continues to reign supreme in the market; this accessible play-to-earn game has remarkably bounced back from a significant security breach, which led to a loss exceeding $600 million in assets.

However, it's noteworthy that Axie Infinity's user base, despite its market dominance, remains relatively modest when compared to conventional Web2 games, even amidst recent market revival signs.

In contrast, BOG X has garnered over 3 million plays across its series, and with 200k registrations for its closed beta test, the project is poised for substantial growth. This surge can potentially catalyze a significant transformation in the GameFi sector.


Main Storyline:

  • The primary BOG X gameplay content includes the player's camp "Giant God Library" and "Mainline Levels.”
  • The "Giant God Library" evolves as the story progresses, unlocking new areas and interactions with NPCs. 
  • Mainline Levels are divided into different worlds and chapters, each containing multiple chapters and levels. Progress unlocks new map areas and rewards. 
One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project

Multiplayer Gameplay: 

  • A significant aspect of mid to late-game content is allowing players to engage in cooperative challenges and competitive battles.
  •  Features include "Soul Hunter" levels with increased difficulty and rewards, "Twins" mode with a Roguelike+BossRush format, and "Ancient Arena" for PvP battles.

Adventure Instances: 

  • Main source for various resources and a means to test and develop player strength.
  •  Includes "God's Challenge" for speed runs against bosses, "Eternal Corridor" for high-difficulty tower climbing, and specific instances for gathering gold and equipment resources.


  • Provides players with objectives and guides them through various game modules.
  • Mainline quests are based on the player's progress in the storyline, while daily quests focus on daily in-game activities.  

Pass System: 

  • A series of tasks and rewards updated seasonally, including both free and paid content.
  • Rewards include character outfits and various game resources, with tasks aimed at encouraging long-term engagement and potential in-game purchases. 

Ancient Soul Difficulty: 

  • An end-game feature available after reaching max level, offering continued gameplay goals.
  • Includes increased difficulty levels and rewards, with new challenges in mainline levels, adventure instances, and multiplayer gameplay.  

Social Gameplay: 

  • Integrates various social features with gameplay to foster player interaction and community building. 
  • Includes faction systems, guild-like ‘Fellowships,' a friends system for direct interaction, and a chat system for communication across different channels. 


One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project
One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project


•  Allocation & Vesting Schedule 

The distribution schedule for $SLG tokens adheres to a structured five-year monthly unlocking plan. This ecosystem token will be allocated through multiple channels, including in-game rewards, staking incentives, and various distribution methods to help the project grow. 

One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project

•  Utility 

Soft Currency 

  1. Players earn Soft Currency through normal gameplay;
  2. Soft Currency can be consumed for features/gameplay within the game to provide players with regular rewards;  


  1. Players can directly purchase $SLC from the market;
  2. Players can also spend $SLC to purchase NFT content on the market; 
  3. $SLC is required to be spent as transaction fees for trades; 
  4. By keeping the $SLC staked in the wallet, players will receive additional rewards over time (rewards decrease over time); 
  5. Additional rewards include boosting Summon/Gacha drop rates, earning greater profits in PvP GvG modes, etc. These effects further influence the number/quality of Soul Cards and cosmetics obtainable by players.  
One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project


•  Equity Fundraise 

One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project

•  Token Fundraise 

One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project

Pangu Games Digital, the creator of Blade of God and numerous other successful games has a robust portfolio of successful ventures. The studio has garnered substantial funding from prominent Chinese internet technology conglomerates. With its foray into the Web3 GameFi sector, Pangu Games Digital has secured backing from a cadre of prestigious institutions, reinforcing its position in the industry. 

User Acquisition 

One-stop Overview Of The Blade of God project