• PANews · 1 week ago
  • PANews · 4 weeks ago
    What does China’s crypto ban really mean: It is just the beginning

    China’s hardline stance against crypto is already rippling beyond its borders. A mainland crypto insider explains the global shakeup yet to come.

  • PANews · 1 month ago
    Cardano Key Projects AMA:A Deep Dive into Cardano Ecosystem

    Will Cardano Eco usher in explosive growth?You will get your own answer from this AMA.

  • PANews · 2 months ago
    In-depth analysis of BTC-pegged tokens issuance methods. How can a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use token be built?

    Ideal Bitcoin-pegged tokens should have native Bitcoin as collateral for minting users, be issued in a decentralized form, have sufficiently high capital utilization and minting caps, and have sufficiently low liquidation risk.

  • PANews · 2 months ago
    Another Innovation in DeFi: How can the BTC-pegged tokens built by DeCus make the collateralization rate less than 100%?

    The biggest innovation of DeCus is the use of overlapping grouping algorithms, which can make the custodians’ collateral less than the assets under custody.

  • PANews · 2 months ago
    How to earn more with Bitcoin? A comparison of BTC deposit yields on different platforms

    How to get higher yields as a bitcoin holder? Deposit rates in centralized platforms, as well as mainstream DeFi protocols, have fallen to 1%, so it’s time to turn to the new BTC-pegged tokens which can provide higher yields to incentivize users to use them.

  • Steve · 2 months ago
    A Deep Dive into Binance’s Listing Announcement in 2021

    In order to understand Binance's spot trading better, PANews took a closer look at Binance’s public listing announcements starting from 2021

  • PANews · 3 months ago
  • PANews · 3 months ago
    DeFi Conference 2021: The Rise of Decentralised Finance

    Bitcoin Events is excited to announce its 2nd annual DeFi Conference which will take place online on 5 August 2021.

  • PANews · 3 months ago
    Railgun AMA: Decentralized privacy protocol to ensure complete privacy for transactions on DeFi

    The privacy of activities on the DeFi chain became a rigid need, and the DeFi privacy protocol Railgun came into being.

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