• PANews · 11-17 17:12
    KUNGFUVERSE released the first NFT collection KUNGFU BEASTS

    Celebrating the legacy and spirit of Kung Fu, the KUNGFUVERSE connects real life experiences with Web3, enabling new ways for you to become your true self.

  • PANews · 10-25 11:22
    Hurun Report America U30 Summit 2022

    The Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 will be a full day of knowledge, recognition, and celebration of America’s best and upcoming Companies, Venture Capitals, and Entrepreneurs.

  • PANews · 09-23 10:38
    ​​Asia’s Largest Web3 Event TOKEN2049 Exclusively Unveils NFT Assets Valued Over US$100 Million

    Immersive, first-of-its-kind OP3N WHALE NFT Exhibition showcases works presented to the public for the very first time.

  • PANews · 09-19 10:00
    Carlita, DJ Tennis, and Calamar Crew to Headline AFTER 2049, the Official Closing Event for Asia’s Largest Web3 Conference 

    AFTER 2049 will be taking over the rooftop of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands

  • · 09-16 12:10
    StartmeupHK Festival 2022 concludes with the global startup community ready to seize opportunities presented by the Metaverse, Web3 and sustainable innovation

    Organised by Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), the week-long Festival drew over 20,000 participants from more than 100 countries and territories, comprising of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiasts and government officials.

  • PANews · 09-15 16:00
    PANews and NFTScan Jointly Launch Top50 NFT Collection Global List

    Since the birth of NFT, the overall market has taken shape. PANews and NFTScan have jointly launched the list of the 50 most influential NFT projects by comprehensively considering market cap, transaction volume and popularity of NFT projects in the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • PANews · 09-09 10:36
    Dancing Seahorse joins the party as headline sponsor for Zebu Live; London’s leading Web3 conference

    The second annual two day conference will bring together some of the brightest speakers in the Web3 industry, as well as showcase the talent and innovation that is taking place in the nascent Web3 space.

  • PANews · 08-31 11:22
    Cudos And Blue Marble Partner With Zebu Live To Make The Web3 Conference A Certified Carbon Neutral Event

    As an exhibit of the prowess within the crypto world, Zebu Live is committed to demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and its intention to form an active voice that drives forward a message of greater sustainability within the crypto industry.

  • · 08-25 09:23
    Crypto Fest 2022: Looking Up to Post-Winter Opportunities 

    The festival is set to be the largest gathering of crypto-minded experts, amateurs, and  enthusiasts in Africa, to explore the technology’s impact on Web 3.0 and emerging  opportunities for investors. 

  • PANews · 08-18 10:37
    Asia’s Largest Web3 Event TOKEN2049 Hits 200 Sponsor Milestone, Announces New Headline Speakers

    The conference’s Singapore debut is expected to be its largest and the first major in-person crypto conference in the region.

  • PANews · 08-10 11:16
    StartmeupHK Festival 2022: A week-long showcase of Hong Kong’s dynamic and thriving startup ecosystem

    A unique opportunity to hear from world-leading industry players and learn about Hong Kong’s thriving startup ecosystem

  • PANews · 03-31 22:47
    Top-14 decentralized storage use cases

    where else can decentralized storage and the Open Economy 3.0 model be effectively applied?

  • PANews · 03-23 21:01
    Decentralized storage and the Open Economy 3.0 concept

    DeNet developers offer a brand new business model for the Web 3 economy.

  • PANews · 03-17 23:51
    Centralized marketplaces fail to meet the user needs

    Censorship, high commissions and a lack of transparency are only a small part of the problems that centralized marketplaces of applications, games and media content are immersed in.

  • PANews · 03-17 17:18
    Charles Hoskinson, Founder of Cardano, Confirmed as Keynote Speaker at Blockchain Africa Conference 2022

    Bitcoin Events’ flagship event, Blockchain Africa Conference 2022, is scheduled to take place virtually in less than 3 days, on 17-18 March 2022.

  • PANONY · 03-16 00:39
    Speaking out on #womeninweb3 Listen to their hearts

    Grateful to everyone for their active participation and voice, contributing their strength and voice to #womeninweb3.

  • PANews · 03-07 14:39
    MetaWeek in Dubai to bring together artists, NFT creators, investors, and blockchain Masterminds

    A week-long event, set for March 7-10, 2022, will cover how paradigm-shifting technologies revolutionize and scale in industries like finance, art, cybersecurity, media and investment.

  • PANews · 03-01 16:31
    MetaWeek to take place in Dubai on March 7-10, 2022, to shape the future trends for Metaverses and Blockchain

    Investors, NFT artists, blockchain brightest minds, DeFi experts and DAO representatives will converge to UAE for a week-long event with a full-scale trailblazing digital and physical networking experience. Community leaders will discuss what will define development of blockchain space and the upcoming realm of Metaverses.

  • PANews · 02-25 19:10
    2021 Annual Investment and Financing Report: $30.5 billion investment and financing disclosed for 1,205 projects, gaming receiving the most attention

    According to PAData, a data news column under PANews, investmentand financing in the blockchain field maintained rapid growth in 2021 globally, attracting more than $30 billion in funds to crypto start-ups.This article reviewed investment and financing events disclosed throughout 2021.

  • PANews · 02-14 12:10
    NFTs in the wrong storage compromise user IP address

    According to researchers from Convex Labs and OMNIA protocol specialists, the OpenSea NFT marketplace and the Metamask browser wallet have registered cases of IP address leaks related to the transfer of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

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