Best and worst countries for crypto taxes — plus crypto tax tips

So you’ve struck it rich in crypto? You’ll want to head to one of these countries to keep your newfound wealth.

SVB contagion: Australia reportedly asks banks to report on crypto

Australia’s prudential regulator has reportedly told banks to improve reporting on crypto assets and provide daily updates.

Coinbase submits petition to explain to SEC that staking is not securities

The company continues its fight against the recent Commission position on crypto staking.

US exploring ways to guarantee the country's 18T of bank deposits: Report

The current deposit insurance cap under the FDIC is $250,000, but recent banking collapses have seen calls to increase that amount.

13:43 customer accused of $10M spending spree granted bail

The Judge explained that prison time wasn’t necessary because Singh couldn’t flee without his Indian passport or being able to apply for a new one.

IMF examines CBDC design in context of Islamic banking, finds some risks magnified

A central bank digital currency’s liquidity and foreign exchange would work differently Islamic law from what might be expected.

In the aftermath of banks’ horrorshow: Law Decoded, March 13–20.

A week after the twinning collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank, and the trouble at Credit Suisse, the dust is slowly settling down.

Belgian FSMA surveys crypto investors before taking on new ad regulation authority

Crypto ads in Belgium will bear a blunt warning after a new regulation takes effect in May, and “mass” advertising campaigns will be subject to advance FSMA approval.

Florida gov and US presidential hopeful calls for CBDC ban

"What the central bank digital currency is all about is surveilling Americans and controlling behavior of Americans," said Ron DeSantis at a 'Big Brother’s Digital Dollar' podium.

FTX debtors file lawsuit against exchange's Bahamian arm on ownership of property

The lawsuit claimed FTX Digital Markets was an "economic nullity" within the FTX Group "created as a front to facilitate a conspiracy to defraud the Debtors’ customers".



19:37 gets MVP preparatory license from Dubai regulator

After completing the preparatory stage and obtaining the operational license in Dubai, plans to provide a comprehensive range of institutional services in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Taiwan watchdog FSC to assume authority on crypto regulation

Taiwanese lawmakers reportedly expect to finalize a crypto regulatory framework by the end of March or April at the earliest.

Australian Banking Association’s cost of living inquiry reveals bank pressure

An analysis of the rising inflation and concurrent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank proved that more than 186 banks in the U.S. are at risk of a similar shutdown if depositors decide to withdraw all funds.

Over 80 crypto firms eyeing presence in Hong Kong: Financial Secretary

Since October, more than 80 virtual asset companies have expressed interest in establishing in the city, while 23 have indicated actual plans of doing so.

Signature Bank deposits, branches sold to Flagstar, crypto not included

The 40 branches of Signature Bank will officially reopen and operate as Flagstar Bank on March 20.

Venezuela overhauls national crypto department

A new board will lead the reorganization, headed by Anabel Pereira Fernández. The new team excludes Joselit Ramirez, who led the department since its inception in 2018.



SBF shilled FTX risk model to FDIC chairman Gruenberg prior collapse

The invitation was mediated by former CFTC Commissioner Mark Wetjen, who joined FTX US as the Head of Policy and Regulatory Strategy in Nov. 2021.

Peter Schiff blames ‘too much gov't regulation’ for worsening financial crisis

Finding the right balance between regulations and banking institutions is important for Schiff, considering that Puerto Rico regulators closed down Schiff’s bank due to non-compliance.

SVB's UK arm issues 15M pounds in bonuses after symbolic bailout: Report

Insider sources reportedly described the bonus pool as “modest,” adding that the stock held by senior execs had been “rendered worthless” following SVB UK’s "near-collapse.”

Switzerland preparing emergency measures for UBS' takeover of Credit Suisse: Report

The emergency preparation will allow the takeover to proceed without the usual “six-week consultation period” with shareholders, according to people familiar with the situation.

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