HKX joins list of crypto exchanges to quit Hong Kong market

HKX management advises users to withdraw assets following its decision to halt operations in Hong Kong due to regulatory compliance issues.

Gary Gensler will likely resign in 2025 after Biden exit, says 10x Research

A Trump presidency will spell disaster for Gensler and his role as head of the SEC, said 10x Research founder Markus Thielen.

Democrats have ‘huge opportunity’ to win back the crypto vote

The new Democratic party presidential candidate should consider crypto a top priority, according to crypto lawyer Jake Chervinsky in a post on X.

What we know about Kamala Harris' views on crypto

With Joe out of the race, all bets are off.

Joe Biden drops out of United States presidential race

United States President Joe Biden has announced he will bow out of the 2024 presidential election.



ChatGPT X account replicates Joe Biden's 'I'm sick' post

The official X account for OpenAI’s ChatGPT used the same “I’m Sick” post as United States President Joe Biden did before playfully mocking general intelligence.

Pudgy Penguins lands in Pixelverse, Ether ETFs, and more: Hodler’s Digest, July 14-20

Pudgy Penguins gets a character in Pixelverse’s mini-game, the influence of ETFs on ETH price, and Craig Wright admits he’s not Satoshi.



Nigerian crypto star out on bail following police detention

Industry watchers are closely monitoring the case for signs of how Nigerian authorities will handle similar cases, which could impact the country’s growing cryptocurrency sector.

Gemini reaches settlement with IRA Financial Trust over $36M exploit

The lawsuit, initially filed by IRA in June 2022, alleged that Gemini misrepresented its security protections, resulting in an exploit that removed $36 million in crypto.

Donald Trump’s crypto platform is missing one thing

President Biden has been ruthless in his quest to eradicate the crypto industry. Trump should commit to pardoning the developers that Biden imprisoned.

Binance gets greenlight to invest customer assets in US Treasury Bills

The court stipulated that Binance could invest customer funds custodied at BitGo in Treasury Bills maturing along a four-week basis.

Liminal blames compromised WazirX devices for hack, claims UI not responsible

Compromised WazirX devices provided "legit transaction details" to Liminal’s network, allowing the attacker to drain the exchange’s funds, the MPC provider claimed.

Kazakhstan pays for rail line to China using programmable CBDC

The second phase of the Kazakhstan central bank digital currency pilot focused on control of its many potential uses.



Will UK Labour gov’t follow Germany’s example and liquidate 61,245 BTC?

After 14 years, Labour is in control of the UK government. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rachel Reeves may have discretion to use the country's Bitcoin holdings for the party's goals.

Elon Musk lashes out at EU over ‘illegal’ free speech deal

The European Commission and Elon Musk’s social media site, X, look set to battle over alleged transparency violations.

EU releases crypto-asset classification tools to help firms comply with MiCA

EU regulators introduce standardized crypto-asset classification under MiCA with a new test and guidelines to ensure uniformity across the market as regulations begin to come into play.

WazirX breach post-mortem: Dismantling the $230M attack

The WazirX breach highlights vulnerabilities in multisig wallets despite stringent security measures, with hackers exploiting discrepancies in data.

Spot Ether ETFs ‘unlikely to be dramatic’ but would get steady capital — Binance CEO

Binance CEO Richard Teng highlighted that the spot Ether ETFs could provide a stable and substantial influx of capital over time.

Bitzlato founder won’t get more jail over $700M dark web clearing house

The judge said the 18 months Anatoly Legkodymoc had already served in Brooklyn’s “terrible” MDC was enough punishment.

Tornado Cash sees $1.9B resurgence this year despite sanctions

The volume of new deposits into the OFAC-sanctioned crypto mixer has jumped significantly in the first half of 2024.

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