Date: November 4, 2021 (Thursday) - November 06. (Sat) 17:00 - 23:59

Location: NFT Busan 2021

NFT BUSAN 2021, the largest NFT (Non-Fungible Token) event in Korea, will be held atBEXCO, Haeundae, Busan from November 4thto November 6th in person as well as onlinethrough the metaverse platform 'GatherTown.' The Busan Metropolitan Government hopes that many international block chain companies can who cannot attend in person will participate thru the NFT BUSAN 2021 online event.with domestic and foreign blockchain companies and communities that cannot visit the site through the NFT BUSAN 2021 online event.

The main purpose of the event is to allow everyone to gathertogetherwith the Busan Metropolitan Government and the Busan Blockchain Industry Association without borders at a time whenfreedom of movement is limited worldwide due to COVID-19. By utilizing, theGather Townglobal metaverse platform up to 1,000 people can participate and communicate freely at the same time

‘NFT BUSAN 2021 Online’ is participated by the global blockchain network Tron Foundation as a major sponsor, and provides the perspectives of various domestic and foreign speakers on the NFT industry. The conference provides a legal perspective on portrait rights, property rights, and ownership forNFTs witheducational sessions explaining the basic concepts, trends, and utilization of NFTs for beginners. It also encompasses a variety of topics surrounding blockchain and NFTs, including various artistviews on NFTsand a discourse on MMORPGs, an existing online game, to Play 2 Earn, ahot topic surroundingNFTs, and the future of the blockchain industry from an investor's point of view.

The conference consists of a total of 13 sessions, with 36 industry experts, including △Tron Network Founder Justin Sun, △Define CEO Myeonghoon Kang, △ Mirae Asset Financial Group's Cha Doo-hwi, △ legal firm Gwangjang Choi Woo-young, △ 4:33 Seo Jung-ho, △ Seoul Auction Blue CEO Lee Jung-bong, △GBIC CEO Lee Shin-hye, andBlock Tower Capital Steve Lee. Panels will discuss afuture that will change with the meeting of the financial, game, and art industries thruthe blockchain.

In addition, NFT BUSAN 2021will feature a spectial NFT project.In order to enrich the NFT event, the world's first local government-issued NFTs, Key to Busan and Budlers, will be issued. Key to Busan is a key NFT that contains the symbolic meaning of Korea and Asia in a culture that presents the key symbolizing the city to honorary citizens abroad. Key to Busan's sales proceedswill be used to develop the blockchain and NFT ecosystem in Busan.The highest-grade diamond key was purchased for $200,000 by the Tron Foundation as a major sponsor.

Budlers is an BUDL of Generative Art NFT, the mascot of NFT Busan 2021, and the origin of the name is a combination of Busan and Hodl, a blockchain culture, a variation of the English word hold. A total of 2030 Budlers will be issued on the Tron Blockchain and will be distributed to participants ofNFT BUSAN 2021’soffline and online conference. The mascot BUDL is a character inspired by the Busan Seagull, and the original Buddle's pure white body symbolizes the people of Busan, a white people, and serves as an ambassador to connect the city of Busan and the global blockchain community by transforming it into a different color. A total of 2030 Budlers will be issued on the Tron blockchain and will be distributed to participants ofNFT BUSAN 2021’soffline and online conference.

Finally, there will also bea special campaign called Green NFT. Amid the recent global NFT craze, there are environmental concerns aboutthe rapid development of the blockchain and NFT industries. TheGreen NFT campaign will provethat blockchain and NFT are transforming in eco-friendly directions to solve this problem.

Cha Jooyearn, CEO of Level19, the Chief Organizerof NFT BUSAN 2021 Online, said, 'The goal is to reconsider the perception of NFT through free communication with various speakers at home and abroad and bridge the local information gap throughunique & informativeevents.'

The conference will be broadcast live not only on Gather Town but also on YouTube at the same time.