ChainTalk is the world's first multi-language blockchain and cryptocurrency online event and social media platform. The platform was officially launched in Japan today, and users are welcome to come and enjoy the experience.

The ChainTalk platform aims to achieve virtual social networking and community building. The platform has 6 major functions, Online Events, TV, News, Explore, Network, and Community. These functions cooperate to build a 360-degree information dissemination and social system within the platform to realize the new dynamics in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

ChainTalk Online Events

The hosting of the event is one of the most important parts of a project in the process of market expansion. Due to the characteristics of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, while the project is localizating, expanding the international market is also an inevitable factor for the project's success.

In the process of expanding overseas markets, since the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is still in the early stages of development, users in various countries and regions are relatively centralized. Through holding meetups, they can directly have brand promotion, community building, and find potential customers. However, due to the high cost and low efficiency of offline events, coupled with the impact of Covid-19, the development of online events is very important to the future market expansion.

ChainTalk Online Events can meet the needs for virtual events held in the industry. Individuals or businesses can register personal or business accounts on the ChainTalk platform. After having an account, users can independently create an online live broadcast homepage, and the platform will conduct event promotion according to the specific needs of each user for specific countries and regions to ensure the smooth progress of online live broadcasts.

ChainTalk TV

ChainTalk TV is an interview and documentary column in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Every week, ChainTalk TV will talk to the leaders from the world's outstanding blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, and will also conduct in-depth interviews and analysis of global projects. Every quarter, we will launch a documentary of the world's best blockchain and cryptocurrency industry experts and topics.

ChainTalk TV not only presents the cutting-edge technology of today's blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, but also gives top experts and leading projects a platform to showcase their knowledge and developments..

ChainTalk News (Daily News)

ChainTalk News is mainly for the latest industry information in the Chinese, English, and Japanese markets. In addition to the content delivery of the platform itself, ChainTalk News is also an information output window for everyone in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. By registering a ChainTalk account, individuals or enterprises can freely release the latest industry information and intelligence through ChainTalk News.

ChainTalk Explore

ChainTalk Explore search provides real-time trends that are happening around the users. Through ChainTalk Explore, users can follow the real-time dynamics of friends, and voice your opinions and knowledge.

ChainTalk Network (Social)

ChainTalk Network is a social networking channel for users to expand contacts and make friends with like-minded people. The participation of a large number of outstanding industry individuals and enterprises aims to provide ChainTalk users with a precise blockchain and cryptocurrency industry exclusive network.

ChainTalk Groups

ChainTalk Groups are open groups discussing the most important topics in crypto and blockchain. ChainTalk users can independently name the community and create their own exclusive group that belongs to individuals or enterprises. The community name has automatically become one of the platform labels since its creation. The creator can increase the visibility of the community through various topics and activities, increase community members, and recommend it to others.

The purpose of the ChainTalk Groups community is to break the geographical, linguistic, and cultural restrictions to build a new ecology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

ChainTalk is TEAMZ's first online live broadcast and social media platform. TEAMZ is a blockchain solution company located in Tokyo, Japan. The headquarters is located in Otemachi, Tokyo, Japan. Its core business is marketing, which is dedicated to the global marketing of Japanese blockchain companies and the landing of the Japanese market for overseas blockchain companies. TEAMZ owns 3 core service channels which are TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT, Japan's largest blockchain summit, TEAMZ strategic consulting, online events and media platform ChainTalk.

In the past three years of market service, the internationalization and professionalism of its team have laid a good foundation for this ChainTalk online live broadcast and social media platform. In the past three years, it has accumulated accurate users in the blockchain and cryptocurrency in Japan, Europe, America, China, Southeast Asia during more than 100 offline events. TEAMZ will invite all subscribers to the platform. The team will definitely build this product into the leading social platform in the industry, and also hope that the broad support of partners and users, welcome to experience ChainTalk. Let us build this together for our industry.