Hurun America U30 Summit 2022

<Journey to the Future · 远行>

The Hurun America U30 Summit hosted by Hurun North America is approaching soon! The event will be held on Nov. 10that Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles. It is Hurun’s first large-scale summit in the United States, and it is going to be packed with knowledges, inspirations, and notable guests. Without further ado, let’s dive right into more details.

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

01、Event Theme

<Journey to the Future >

The theme of this year’s Hurun America U30 Summit is “Journey to the Future”. A glance into the future of global industries, we see undergoing transformations as well as emerging opportunities. The future is uncertain, yet we will accept, conquer, and embrace it as did our ancestors before us.

In our journey to the future, how can we take advantage of innovations such as Blockchain technologies and Cryptoeconomics to empower our lives?

How can we continue and thrive in a post-Covid world?

How should we invest and prepare for the New Era of the business world?

What is the influencer/creator economy?

What does sustainability mean to the industries and corporate culture?

Join us under the California sunlight and the Starry Night of discoveries, recognitions, inspirations, and celebrations at the Hurun America U30 Summit in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles on Nov. 10th, 2022.

OSCARS of Business, Venture Capitals, and Web3.0 Innovations

The Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 will be a full dayof knowledge, recognition, and celebrationof America’s best and upcoming Companies, Venture Capitals, and Entrepreneurs. We want to inspire the next generation in learning from the successful Unicorn/U30s Start-up founders, Venture Capitals, and CEOs of Multinationals/Established family businesses. The Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 will bring together young ambitious entrepreneursand outstanding American Venture Capital professionalsto discuss topics of America’s future economy, entrepreneurship, and Web3.0 innovations.

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

During the “Starry Night” Awards Ceremony Gala Dinnerin the evening, two Hurun America 2022 Awards will be presented. They are:

·Hurun America Under 30s To Watch 2022

·Hurun America Best Blockchain & Web3 Innovations Awards 2022

The Hurun Awards are given on an annual basis to recognizeorganizations and individuals who have made outstanding achievementsin their own business fields as well as people who have made significant contributionsto their communities. This year's Hurun America U30 Summit will also kickstart a series of Hurun awards and eventsall over the world.

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

02、Event Agenda

丨Event Date丨

Thursday, Nov. 10th, 2022

丨Event Agenda at a Glance丨

Registration Starts at9:00 AM

Business Forum Morning Sessions 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

·Opening Keynote Speeches

·Influencer Economy Panel co-hosted by UpHonest Capital

·Key success stories of top influencers that bring insight and knowledge to today’s influencer economy. The panelists will engage in topics such as how the influencer economy creates social impact, how to monetize through social media, what to expect when working with agencies, and so on.

·U30 Entrepreneurs Panel

·The U30 Entrepreneurs Panel will focus on Hurun Under 30s to Watch Award winners’ start-up stories, motivating the younger generation, and sharing how they become leaders in their space.

Intermission 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Business Forum Afternoon Sessions 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

·Afternoon Sessions Opening Keynote Speech

·“The Future of Web3.0: How does Web3.0 Change Our Lives?” co-hosted by BitMart

·This particular Web3 Panel will showcase and educate the audience about the Web 3.0 industry from a macro perspective. Covering topics such as what is Web3, the future of blockchain technology in this innovative market, and how it can change our lives.

·Female Leadership Panel

·World-renowned female leaders come together to give insights into how female leaders are taking charge of the future of entrepreneurship, inspiring the next generation of female leaders.

·Web3 and Innovations Panel co-hosted by Fenbushi Capital and BitMart

·Hosted by renowned Web3 VC, Fenbushi Capital, this particular panel will talk in-depth and reveal more detail on the Web3 space.

·VC and Investment Panel

·Get a sneak peek inside the mind of leading VCs that are behind today’s biggest and newest businesses. Focusing on topics such as the future challenges and opportunities in the VC space, the VC and Investment Panel will surely be inspirational.

Networking/Welcoming Guests 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Gala Dinner Registration 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Awards Ceremony Gala Dinner with Live Performances 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

After Party (VIP Only) 10:30 PM - Late

丨Event Location丨

Fairmont Century Plaza

2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

丨Dress Code丨

Business casual for all participants

Businessformal with black tie for Award Recipients during the Awards Ceremony

03、Featured Panelists and Guests

丨Event Hosts丨

Chris Max

-A polyglot entertainer and education influencer, Chris is known across his 5 million followers and students as Lao Ma, who speaks 8 different languages and is motivated to make language learning a world-wide accessibility. Chris is also Co-founder and CEO of Speakeasy, a cross-border language education platform.

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

Erica Yang

-The founder and CEO of Real HypeCreative Technology, a cross-border marketing agency and venture studio.

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching


Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

丨Panelists Represented Companies丨

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

丨Honorable Guests丨

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

04、Ticket Pricing - Last Call

-LuxuriousEvent Venue in Beverly Hills, LA

-6 Business Panels Packed with Knowledges and Inspirations

-30Featured Panelists

-“Oscars of Business”: Wonderful Awards Ceremony with Live Performances

-Networking effectively with hundreds of industry leaders and Venture Capitalists Face to Face

Scan the QR codeor click the link to purchase your Hurun America U30 Summit ticket today. Join us at the most anticipated American Business Community Eventin 2022 and network face-to-face with the top influencers, industry leaders, founders, executives, and venture capitalists all at once!

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching


Hurun America U30 Summit Tickets Pricing

Daytime Business Forum - Student(Early Bird/Normal)


Daytime Business Forum – General Admission(Early Bird/Normal)


Business Forum + Awards Ceremony Gala Dinner All-Day Access(Early Bird/Normal)


Pre Party + After Party + Business Forum + Awards Ceremony Gala Dinner + VIP Reception and VIP Accesses(Early Bird/Normal)


Early Bird ends at 11:55PM (PST) on Nov.7th

Only VIP Guests are allowed to access the VIP Reception Area, Pre-Party, and After-Party.

丨PANEWS Discounts丨

Use the discount code “PANEWS” for an extra 10% discount. Discount is expiring soon, get your tickets today!

(All Day Tickets don’t apply)

05、About Hurun

Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching

Promoting Entrepreneurship Through Lists & Research

Hurun is a research, media, and investment group that has been promoting entrepreneurship since 1999. Established in the UK, Hurun has a major presence in China, India, France, Australia, Japan, and Luxembourg. In 2020, Hurun generated 8 billion combined impressions both online and offline, a year-on-year increase of 50%, on the back of providing lists and research reports. With over 22 years of experience in China and 6 years globally, 2022 is the year Hurun officially entered the North American market.

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Hurun America U30 Summit 2022 Is Approaching