Crypto Asia Summit, the largest cryptocurrency online summit in Asia on 2020, will be held next Monday from May 18 to 23. This online summit attracted great attention and participation from the global blockchain and cryptocurrency community. The specific countries involved are Japan, the United States, China, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and Europe. The 62 speakers who is Head opinion leader, participating projects are public chains, exchanges, funds, wallets, Defi, blockchain technology construction, incubation institutions, consulting, media and many other fields. 

In order to successfully hold this conference, the TEAMZ team will also launch ChainTalk platform, the world's first cross-country geographic online live broadcast and social media integrated platform developed by TEAMZ team for three months. This platform aims to create a new ecological platform for the blockchain / cryptocurrency community. 

This online summit starts on the 18th and ends on the 23rd, which is 5 days event. The summit will not only provide the latest industry trends, but also provide a variety of social and network expansion channels. This FREE online event will equip attendees with proven strategies, tools, and insight to access usable projects, join the crypto movement, and network with top industry experts. 

30+ speakers are confirmed including:

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Sponsors for the event include:

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Whether you’re an investor, developer, enthusiast, early adopter, or looking to learn about the industry, the Crypto Asia Summit has something for you. Also, this event will give attendees a closer look into the Asian market, a hotbed for crypto advancement.